Should we learn Chinese?

I recently read an article that while authored by a liberal; it is based on a study done by a conservative.  The author looks at history and statistics for the last centuries, especially the last 40 years to make a parallel between the rise of China after they started implementing a rational economic program and the decline of the US. The result is that we they have caught up and will surpass us in less than 10 years.

While the standard of living of the Chinese populace has increased over 1,000%, ours has remained flat. The blame is put on parasitic economic system in the US. While it also finds that there are some of the same indicators in China, they have appeared to overcome them.

I would have to say that to me the biggest contributors to the apparent decline in our country are the same elements that conservatives hail as the “bases for our affluence”.  For the last 40 years we have given free rein to our corporations and have based our international trade policies on what is good for them, not the workers and the middle class. Open war against our labor organizations (Unions) have also made the contest completely one sided.

We have to return to a manufacturing economy with enough protection for our workers. We also have to provide affordable education to our youth so that they can aspire to the American Dream. Conservative policies that have dispossessed our public universities should not be allowed to continue in the name of free enterprise. Free enterprise only works if citizens are fed and educated. Giving more money, political power and fiscal advantages to the few will not help the many.

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Mario Salazar, the 21st Century Pacifist, is a bleeding heart liberal, agnostic, exercise fanatic, Redskin fan, technophile, civil engineer, combat infantry veteran, jewelry maker, amateur computer programmer, Environmental engineer, Colombian-born, free thinker, and, not surprisingly, pacifist. You can find his articles - ranging from politics to cooking a mean brisket - in 21st Century Pacifist at The Washington Times Communities. Follow Mario on Twitter @chibcharus #TWTC and Facebook at Mario Salazar.
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